Innocence Dear (EP)

by The Shell Collector



The Shell Collector: Enrico Tiberi - Manuel Coccia
new tracks released soon

Drumming by: Alessandro Vagnoni


released February 11, 2016

Music & Lyrics by Enrico Tiberi

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The Shell Collector Berlin, Germany

Hard beating post progressive rock.


[Enrico Tiberi]
[Manuel Coccia]
[Gianluca Gulino]
[Andreas Loh]

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Track Name: Innocence Dear
some day you give up crying
and then you give up smiling
your veins so frozen cold
some day they teach you fighting
the other giving up
don't look for compensation
let your eyes go blind

she's not the mirror
she is the portrait of life and being
standing there, she's standing there
there she is with her deep eyes
staring back - staring back at you

now I know what feels like dying
the past comes strong
but I don't know what feels to trust
oh teach me nevermore

endeavouring myself a step away from her
never felt so difficult and necessary

and you taste yourself
and you taste yourself
and you taste yourself
but it tastes so bitter and grim
don't betray me - don't betray me
now I tasted myself don't betray me anymore

and I have no shell
no tastes left to feel
no peace, no wind, no tears no rain
to calm my burning eyes

who are you?
who am I?